Testimonial Julia

All in all the weekend with ayahuasca was a truly enriching experience! Caroline and Marcel are a very nice, welcoming couple who know how to create a positive atmosphere and they will try everything to make you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole ceremony. They kept an eye on each and every member of the group, integrated and supported when neccessary – I can definitely recommend this place for trying ayahuasca!

The trip itself felt like re-connecting to my inner voice, it wasn´t scary or troublesome at all (as I had expected), more like a very soft way of getting insights from your true self. Personally it helped me to find answers to a lot of questions, I couldn´t stop thinking about. Now that my mind is no longer distracted with searching these answers, I feel like I have more energy for the tasks in daily life. The ceremony gives you a chance to experience yourself in a completely different way – as long as you`re open and willing to go with the flow, you can gain a lot from this. I would definitely recommend trying ayahuasca to everyone who is looking for answers, who is feeling lost from time to time or who is willing to learn more about himself. Don´t be scared – your soul wants you to feel good and wants to help you, so whatever insights you get, they aren´t meant to pull you down but they will make you grow!