Testimonial Felix

Dear Caroline, dear Marcel,

Thank you for your email..

I am doing very well, and I feel there is a heightened sense of aliveness in me since the experience with you. I have begun to understand some bigger connections inside my life, and outside in the world.
There is a new interest in ancient music, tribal and “raw” instrumental music, that translates experience and emotions directly through these instruments of communication that we have developed as humans.
In my meditation practice I try to keep up the spirits, to reconnect, and enjoy a lightness of heart.

After the experience I wrote a prayer for life, and I thought I might want to share it with you.

Prayer For Life

May I recognise the nature of this world,
May I live openly, joyfully, fearlessly,
May I let my heart guide my journey,
May I connect deeply with all beings,
May I be attentive and present right here and right now,
May I let myself fall forward into this infinite sea of Qi,
May I let my life be guided by this prayer.

With this I wish you only the best, a lot of health and energy and love to you!

Thank you.