Ervaring Sandra

Hello Caroline and Marcel,

In the first few days after the WE i had somehow a melancholic feeling deep inside, which i couldn’t figure out why it was there… but there was although this calmness inside… then the melancholie went away, but the calmness / peacefullness stayed… Somehow i feel more soft with myself and other people and i notice i try to avoid things which give me a negative feeling.
I although started to eat vegan now – i haven’t eaten meat for a while, but still ate diary products, but since the WE i just didn’t feel like it anymore…. Same for alcohol and coffee… and i didn’t get back into my smoking habbits and i can’t imagine that i ever will, and thats a quite big thing for me, since smoking cannabis was always kind of my peaceful oasis, where i could just get lost in my thoughts and be alone….

So yes, i do notice quite some changes for my daily routines – and it all seems very easy for me and not an effort at all…. it’s just beautiful! I didn’t get any visions, but i still feel something changed in me and i will try to stay open and aware for it 🙂

Thanks so much to the 2 of you again! I never expected, that the WE will be the way it was…. The ‘trance’ wasn’t always easy and i think i probably blocked myself a bit – but still it was a great experience which i want to repeat… and thats thanks to you and the amazing work you did! You both are truly beautiful souls and i couldn’t have wished for better ones to guide me through this experience!!

Thank you so so much!!

My best wishes for you and your family,